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how fucking dare you. not only did you just use one of the worst slurs in history, but you also just insulted an entire line of ancestry and people. My little sister, the one you called the n-word, I only look at her with love. To use a word so full of hate, if your goal was to make me angry, you did it. 

Lila, wasn’t adopted. She and I have different dads. She is my blood, my family, my little sibling. She already feels outcast enough in our family because her dad and my mom had gotten divorced and she hasn’t seen her dad in almost a year. So she walks in a family full of light skinned people and people assume she’s been adopted, like she isn’t really ours. But we are tied by blood, we are tied by family. Y’know, a few months back she told me she wanted light skin, that’s what people who have views like yours do to her. She questions her own identity and self worth by comparing her skin tone to ours. That isn’t fair, no child should ever suffer through that.

I just, what the hell 

Go fuck yourself. Don’t ever refer to anyone as an n-word. A word so full of hate, which you just used to describe a delicate, blossoming child. You should be ashamed. I shouldn’t have to tell you why you shouldn’t use the word, but if you ever message me again with hate towards my sibling, I will tear you to shreds. 

good for you, hon. i will back you completely on this too. people are arrogant and cruel and you should not ever have to put up with crap like this, especially from people who are too cowardly to even say it off of anon